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Vice Capital Markets Commemorates 20 Years of Serving the Mortgage Industry’s Hedge Advisory and Secondary Execution Needs

NOVI, Michigan, August 12, 2021Vice Capital Markets, a leading mortgage hedge advisory firm for independent lenders, banks and credit unions, announced the firm is celebrating its 20th corporate anniversary. Since opening its doors in August 2001, Vice Capital Markets has helped countless clients properly and effectively manage interest rate risk and maximize profitability.

Vice Capital Markets began humbly as a one-person office with Principal Chris Bennett offering a personalized approach to each and every client. As Vice Capital Markets has grown over the past two decades, Bennett’s bespoke methodology has remained the same, becoming one of the trademarks of the firm.

“I would like to thank both our Vice Capital team, as well as our clients, because we never would have made it 20 years without their dedication and support,” said Bennett. “Over the years, our commitment to providing personalized care and attention to our clients has afforded us the opportunity to create lifelong relationships, not just business partnerships. Those relationships have ultimately been the secret to our success these past 20 years and I hope the next 20 years as well.”

Throughout its history, Vice Capital Markets has pioneered technology solutions for its clients and partners, while still maintaining its commitment to customized, in-depth personal expertise. Today, 6% of all mortgages originated in the U.S. are traded by Vice Capital Markets or hedged using its proprietary software.

“As Vice Capital Markets has grown and technology has evolved, we’ve been able to develop innovative solutions for our clients without sacrificing the personal touch,” said Vice Capital Markets President Troy Baars. “Often times, lenders are forced to choose between technology and experience, but Vice Capital offers both. We’re proud to say we’ve been able to innovate for our clients while always remaining available for consultation.”

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