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Vice Capital Markets sets internal record for monthly trade volume

Vice Capital Markets announced today that the company has more than doubled its monthly trade volume over a 90-day period, setting several internal records. Trade volume totals reached during this period include $11.5 billion in March, $13.4 billion in April and $12.4 billion in May.

“Despite the market chaos brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, our clients were able to make it through that period with flying colors and take advantage of low interest rates to grow their pipelines,” said Vice Capital Markets President Troy Baars. “Since then, margins have increased across the board from their early-pandemic lows, and with the spread between best effort and mandatory execution leaning solidly in the latter’s direction, Vice Capital has been able to help our clients capitalize on these favorable market conditions to their financial benefit.”

In addition to the increase in monthly trade volume, Vice Capital Markets also experienced a 13% increase in its client base over April and May. Baars attributes the growth to Vice Capital’s growing reputation for helping its clients successfully navigate the market challenges brought on by COVID-19, with Vice Capital collectively garnering more than $8 million for its clients in a single day during the early days of the pandemic.

“Communication and experience are two key elements to the lender-hedge advisor relationship, especially in periods of tremendous uncertainty and market volatility,” said Baars. “Even during the most chaotic days of the pandemic, Vice Capital clients received at least daily, if not more frequent, updates and insights from our executive team, and with an average of 10-or-more years’ experience behind each of our trade desks, our clients could rely on their day-to-day contact to provide real-time advice at a time when market conditions were changing by the second.”

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