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Vice Capital Markets’ Shawn Ansley Honored As 2020 HousingWire Insider

NOVI, Mich., Sept. 1, 2020 — Vice Capital Markets, a leading mortgage hedge advisory firm for independent lenders, banks and credit unions, announced today that its Managing Director Shawn Ansley has been named a 2020 HousingWire Insiders Award winner. In its fifth year, the HousingWire Insiders program recognizes individuals for vital and dynamic contributions to their companies.

According to HousingWire, this year’s 50 winners are the “go-to” team members in their companies and represent a wide range of occupations within the housing industry, from lending and real estate to investments and fintech. The Insiders are the professionals their companies turn to with their most important or challenging projects, and their contributions and hard work lead to superior results.

“This year’s Insiders represent the unsung heroes of their companies; the team that, behind the scenes, kept everything on track during unprecedented times,” HousingWire Magazine Editor Kelsey Ramírez said. “This year, the need for the services of these 50 winners shown greater than ever, and they rose to the challenge.”

Ansley was recognized for his efforts to improve Vice Capital’s connectivity with key investors and major LOS platforms, in addition to the development of proprietary automation models – all of which has fueled Vice Capital’s recent success. Over the last year, he has automated many of Vice Capital’s day-to-day processes to improve operational efficiency and eliminate opportunities for human error. With the automated systems, enhanced connectivity and improved data access Ansley has established at Vice Capital, the firm was able to steer its clients through the market volatility triggered by COVID-19, collectively netting clients more than $8 million in a single day at the height of the chaos and enabling them to grow their pipelines amidst the uncertainty.

“Having joined our organization shortly after completing his Master’s degree in mathematics, Shawn has been a valuable leader within Vice Capital for more than 15 years and is someone who sets examples for others to follow by always making himself available to his co-workers as a source of guidance and assistance,” said Vice Capital Markets President Troy Baars. “Shawn’s self-starter mentality has led him to tackle new endeavors with little supervision to improve processes for the entire firm. We are privileged to call him part of the Vice Capital family and proud to share his skills and successes with our clients and the industry as a whole.”

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